Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Project Hope is our hands-on Missions ministry. We have personal relationship with each missionary we support.  Not only are we supporting them with our money, but we also are investing our time and hearts into each of these ministries.  Our focus for our church is for all of the church body to get involved.

'If I would set you free from the burden of debt, what would you do with your freedom?  Would you run from the oppressed and poor?  Would you become exclusive or selective?  You are in the time of my planting and when my desire for these people roots in your heart I will set you free from your burden of debt. Then and only then will my love for all these people be properly channeled through you.  -Isaiah 58:6-12'
(Word given to Pastor Clem Salerno, February 1998)

Local Missions

Hoving Home

Rebuilding Women's lives shattered
by drugs and alcohol.
40 Walter Hoving Rd., Garrison, NY 845-424-3674
176 Mitchell Rd., Oxford, NJ

Cranford Family Care

Provides Food and Emergency Assistance for Cranford Residents.
61 Myrtle Street, Cranford

Boxwood Learning Center

Making a difference in the lives of Youth living in urban communities.
115 W. 2nd Ave., Ste 3, Roselle 908-241-1311

Gateway Pregnancy Center

Counseling, support and bringing the gospel to women and men in a pregnancy situation.
Elizabeth, Plainfield & Irvington 908-353-0604

Regional Missions

Eagles Wings & Dena DePasquale

Impacting Israel and the nations, training generations and uniting believers.

We See Jesus Ministries

Existing to equip the church, reach the lost
and bless the nations.

Global Missions

Ken & Sue Sawka - Zambia

As missionaries in Bible translation, they have a burden for people groups who have not had God’s written word in their dialect as well as evangelism of the lost.  They  teach National pastors and church leaders in Zambia to analyze sounds and structure of their own language so they can translate the Bible into their own mother tongue.

Ben & Sarah Caray - Germany

Impacting East Germany through family outreaches.

David & Pam Lovette - Middle East

Starting vibrant communities of followers of Jesus among the least reached in Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and several other nations.

Jamie & Helena Perez - Peru

Pastors of King of Kings and Lord of Lords Church in Lima, a small inter-city church. Main thrust of ministry is to “shanty” towns where they have established many new works in the poorest areas. Pastor Ortiz also travels the waters of the Amazon where he preaches from the boat to the unreached groups along the riverbanks. They also ministry to the leper colonies and psychiatric camps throughout 

Mark & Gabi Passarella - Asia

Global Outreach  with translation projects, missions academy, and pastoral care.

Johnathan Krause/Love Never Fails - India

Improving the lives of Orphans and Vulnerable Children, in India.
A place where children thrive and come to know Jesus Christ.

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