Vision & Mission

Living for God and Loving like God

Our Vision

We are a local expression of God’s global church.  We strive to live for God solely and love like God completely.  We are a community of believers who worship God with passion and encourage one another with acts of love and service.  
We believe that we accomplish far more together then we ever could separately.  
Because of this, we are also called to be a “Kingdom Minded” ministry working in cooperation with other churches and ministries in the Greater NYC area.

Our Mission

Worship & Intercession
Worship…to be a church who recognizes our total dependence on God and is continually before His throne in celebratory praise and deep intimate worship.
Intercession…to be a church that prays with confidence, continually, not out of ritual but out of relationship.
Teaching…to be a church that teaches the Word of God as our foundation for everything we do and say with clarity and understanding.
Discipleship…to be a church that transitions converts to disciples. To prepare God’s people for works of service causing the Body of Christ to grow stronger.
Equipping…to be a church that will equip believers to use their gifts to win the lost and advance the Kingdom of God.
Missions…to be a church that sends and supports career missionaries that minister around the block or around the world.
Unity…to be a church that joins hands with other churches and ministries in equipping the saints. That we would answer the call of Jesus in John 17:22 (that they may be one as We are one) understanding that God’s Kingdom is much bigger than one church and that it will take a true partnership between every church and ministry working together to build the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Community Care…reaching out locally to the poor, lonely, rejected, and brokenhearted, through acts of love and service.  Partnering with local care ministries to bring the love of God to people in need using practical means.
Body Life…growing in love, sacrifice, and serving one another in our local congregation.

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