Who is following me?



“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” -Psalm 23


I love the 23rd Psalm. That last line (above) is my favorite part. I even used to have it as the footer on an old website. I always thought of it as something that God was going to give me: goodness, mercy, and eternal life. That’s still true, but after listening to Pastor Clem’s sermon this past Sunday, I now see it in a new way. The Lord is my shepherd- He is the one I follow- He is in front of me leading me. But goodness and mercy are behind me, following me.


As Pastor Clem explained that concept, I started to see how goodness and mercy have already been following me, just as they will continue to do all my life. I actually pictured myself entering a room, with goodness and mercy right behind me. Immediately it came to my mind how good and how merciful God has been to me. Times when I was in danger, when tragedy was nearby… things could have gone so badly. But God had mercy on me and made things alright. Times when I did wrong… I didn’t deserve God’s mercy but He gave it to me anyway. Times when God just wanted to love on me… I received something so wonderful and unexpected- it was God’s goodness. Thank you so much Lord! It’s too wonderful to comprehend!


I’m so glad I know that THE LORD is my shepherd, and His goodness and mercy are always with me wherever I go. Thank you Jesus!


Sabra Rodriguez

Kingdom Kids Ministry