Touched by an Angel!


Rejected, sidelined and abandoned, she decided to run away. Abraham’s wife had the (not so) brilliant idea to offer Hagar’s ‘services’ to Abraham in hopes that she would become a surrogate mother.

When Hagar conceived, things got awkward, and Sarai began to mistreat her. A pregnant, Egyptian slave alone in the wilderness, Hagar would rather risk death than go back. [See Genesis 16]
But it was here, where she felt the most lost, that she was found. To her surprise, an angel appeared, prophesying that God had heard her misery, and her son would have many descendants. She still had a destiny! She was so moved by this encounter that she called the Lord by a new name, “THE GOD WHO SEES ME”.  Even though she felt worthless, He had given her value.

I think this story was recorded in the Bible to remind us of at least two things:

1)  No matter how insignificant we feel, THE GOD WHO SEES ME notices our afflictions, mistakes, failures, pain and heartbreak. He is with us in our lonely places, and when we feel far away from home.

2)  Each and every individual has been exquisitely handcrafted by the Lord, and is extremely precious to Him! He still treasures those who have no value in our current world system.

May we encounter Him in our darkest and lowest places. And may we also truly SEE the ‘Hagars’ around us, tap into God’s heart, and express His love and grace toward them!

To the God Who Sees Me,

Marissa Yi,
Worship Minister