The Star!


I love looking at the stars at night.  It just speaks to me about the awesomeness of God.


At this time of year, I always think about that one Star, the night our Lord, Jesus, was born. God moved the heavens to have this light shine announcing that the “Light of the World” is here to set us free, to give us freedom, salvation, and eternal life.  A night that changed the world from that day forth…No other gift will ever compare to it.


Let’s always remember that when life’s troubles find us, no matter how dark it might seem, this light will be there for us, to guide our way, just like it did for the three kings.


Jesus is our reason for the season.  He is our light, our hope, our joy, our freedom!!!   He is our everything!!!

Joy to the World our SAVIOR has come!!!!!

Pastor Connie Salerno