Project Hope Missions

If I would set you free from the burden of debt, what would you do with your freedom?  Would you run from the oppressed and poor?  Would you become exclusive or selective?  You are in the time of my planting and when my desire for these people roots in your heart I will set you free from your burden of debt. Then and only then will my love for all these people be properly channeled through you.  -Isaiah 58:6-12 (Word given to Pastor Clem February 1998)

Project Hope is our hands-on Missions ministry. We have personal relationship with each missionary we support.  Not only are we supporting them with our money, but we also are investing our time and hearts into each of these ministries.  Our focus for our church is for all of the church body to get involved. 


We currently support the following Missionaries/Ministries and do various projects for each one of them.

Home Missions


Streetlight Mission

The STREETLIGHT MISSION, located in Elizabeth, NJ, will share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people struggling from poverty, substance abuse and hopelessness empowering them to begin new lives through programs of rescue and recovery. Their vision is to see ...
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The Relief Bus

The Relief Bus is an outreach of New York City Relief, a non-profit organization, located in Elizabeth, NJ. Their mission is Life Transformation. The Relief Bus exists to respond to God’s heart for the poor and broken by going to ...
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Walter Hoving Home

The Walter Hoving Home, located in Garrison, is a 24-hour residential spiritually-based rehabilitation center, is a non-profit organization serving women ages 18 and over who have been involved in drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and other life-controlling problems. The 6 or 12 ...
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Gateway Pregnancy Center

Gateway Pregnancy Center, located in Elizabeth and Irvington, NJ, offers women, and girls, free pregnancy testing and confidential counseling. They are an evangelistic outreach which gives women spiritual guidance as well as physical needs that she may have concerning her ...
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World Missions

Ortiz Photo

Pastors Jaime & Helena Ortiz

Lima, Peru Pastors of King of Kings and Lord of Lords Church in Lima, a small inter-city church. Main thrust of ministry is to "shanty" towns where they have established many new works in the poorest areas. Pastor Ortiz also travels the waters of the Amazon where he preaches from the ...
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Cabatu Photo

Joan Cabatu

Philippines In His Presence Unto All Nations - For years, Joan has been a friend to Calvary, leading mission trips to the Philippines. Her ministry includes medical and dental clinic work, seminars; bringing drama’s and plays to local churches, proclaiming His Presence. Safe water projects, student ministries, and encouragement to local ...
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Ken and Sue Sawka

Luska, Zambia, South Africa As missionaries in Bible translation, they have a burden for people groups who have not had God’s written word in their dialect as well as evangelism of the lost. Through the Assemblies of God, they will teach National pastors and church leaders in Zambia to analyze sounds ...
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