Me vs. The Ocean


I hear the rhythmic crashing of the waves and the cry of the gulls.  I decide to walk down to the water’s edge, and immediately sense the intense power of the ocean.


The relentless waves come and go without regard to my entrance or departure.  My presence has made no effect or even the slightest impression.  I realize just how small I am compared to this vast expanse, as far as my eyes can see to the north, south and east.
The ocean reminds me of the infinite love God has for me (Jeremiah 31:3).  There is no amount of sin that could cause it to diminish.  There is no way to control it, reduce it, confuse it, exhaust it or contain it.  This could be unnerving – until I realize that this ocean is made up of love.


Though I am powerless against its forces, the power is there to carry me, not to crush me.  So I step in as it swirls around my feet, and then go deeper, allowing myself to succumb to the waves.   His love lifts me up and, to my surprise and delight, I find myself floating effortlessly.

May His love sweep us away!
Marissa Yi,
Worship Minister