Kids Family Night Survey

We are looking for your insights to help us build the best kids family night program. Please fill out the form below and click Send. We appreciate your feeback! God bless you.


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2. How often do you attend children to Family Night? (Wednesdays)
 As much as possible, we try not to miss it At least once or twice a month Sometimes Rarely Never

3. What are some reasons for not attending Family Night on Wednesday, or not attending more often? (Check all that apply)
 We already have commitments on Wednesday Night We can't make it in time Our schedules are so full already The kids have too much homework We have babies/young children and evenings just don't work for us We are just so tired We wish we could attend more often We attend sometimes already, it feels like enough We're not that interested in this program Other

4. Can you explain more about your answer(s)?

5. Which of the following would you find of helpful to attend more? (Check all that apply)
 Programs for the kids on more focused topics/activities Programs for just boys or girls Meeting up/doing activities outside of church Meeting on Friday nights Meeting on a different day or time Other

6. Can you give more info about what would help you attend more, especially if you feel that meeting on a different day or time would help?

7. What do you think is most valuable about Family Night? (Check all that apply)
 It's hard for us to attend on Sundays, so we like to come during the week We love that our kids can fellowship together We love that the kids can learn and pray together We love strengthening our ties to God and each other outside of Sunday morning Other

8. Can you give more info on what you value about Family Night?

9. Do you have any ideas or wishes for something you would like to see at Family Night? (topics, programs, places to visit, etc.)

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