Life Groups

Life Groups are the practical approach for the members of Calvary Tabernacle to walk out the fulfillment of The Greatest Commandment given by Jesus, to love God and love each other, Matthew 22:37-40.


To love God involves obedience, Jesus said “If you love Me, keep My commandments”, John 14:15. Obedience is the intentional action to do exactly what someone tells you to do. Therefore we are deficient in loving God if we do not intentionally display genuine acts of love towards one another.


The best environment for fostering genuine love towards God and each other is in smaller groups where relationships can flourish. Jesus employed this model by limiting the number of disciples to twelve. Then the disciples followed the same model in Acts Chapter 2 by breaking the new converts into smaller groups and meeting in individual homes where personal needs could by meet and each person could be discipled.


The Life Groups at Calvary Tabernacle are divided into two distinct categories, H2 Groups and Ministries.

H2 Groups

These groups meet in homes all across the region and are sermon based groups which utilize questions from the previous Sunday Sermon to promote discussion and practical application of godly principles.


There are many ministries we offer here at Calvary that you can become involved
in.  We have a complete explanation of these ministries at our Next Step
and Network classes.


While every Life Group is different they all share five key components so as to promote spiritual and relational life and are as follows:


Five Components For A Healthy Life Group

  • Worship – Romans 12:1.  There are several forms of worship that should be done at your meeting.  This can include:
    * Devotional
    * Prayer
    * Communion
    * Ministering to one another
  • Fellowship – Acts 2:42. At meetings having coffee and just time for sharing.  We have found it best to have this at the beginning of the meeting, which would enable everyone to be there when it is time to start. This can include dinners, outings, just hanging out.
  • Discipleship – Colossians 2:6-7. Making sure each member is growing and mentoring them in the word the Word of God.
  • Ministry – Luke 4:18-19. Getting involved twice a year in another ministry.  Examples include serving in kid’s ministry, helping on clean-up day, being a greeter, etc.
  • Evangelism – Mark 16:15 ; Acts.  Getting involved twice a year in an outreach. Currently each group will serve once at Streetlight Mission and once at The Refief Bus.
    Help when this is a need with one of our current missionaries.

In Acts 2:44-46 we see the level of responsibility to care for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. In a life group your response will be immediate to someone in need and it will be undergirded by the group as a whole. No one will have to carry the burden alone and each need can be treated in confidence with love.


Don’t just attend a church.  Join one of our Life Groups and BE the church!