7/25-7/27, Family Fun Week VBS

From Tuesday 7/25 to Thursday 7/27, at 7pm we’ll be hosting our Family Fun Week VBS (Vacation Bible School). This one is a bit different than the others- it’s designed to be enjoyed by your family as a whole. The purpose is to give families a break and enjoy some quality time together. That’s why each evening starts off with a decadent dessert bar!

From there we go on to a fun game show and family bible lesson, then to an obstacle course and family craft. We also have prizes and giveaways throughout the event! Everything is FREE.

Registration is required using the form below or by calling the church office at 908-709-9600.


VBS Registration Form

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Please type the names and ages of each family member who will be attending: (required)

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 Tuesday 7/25
 Wednesday 7/26
 Thursday 7/27

EVENT DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A FAMILY EVENT. PARENTS/GUARDIANS ARE REQUIRED TO REMAIN WITH THEIR CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION OF THE EVENT. Parents/Guardians will be responsible for their children's safety at all times. There will not be teachers on duty to provide childcare and children may not be dropped off at any time. If you cannot attend with your children, you may ask a friend to bring your children with them as part of their family. Please note: In this case they must be registered with the family who is bringing them.

Please check this box to agree to terms. (Required to register)
 I acknowledge that I have read the event disclaimer and I agree to stay with and be responsible for my children (and anyone else I bring with me) during this event.

DINNER: The event starts at 7pm with a dessert bar. If your family is unable to eat dinner before you arrive, we can have dinner available for you for a reduced fee. The cost is $5 per family per night and is due upon registration. Please check here if you will need dinner.
 We will need dinner.

*For those purchasing dinner: AFTER you are finished submitting the form above, please CLICK HERE to submit your payment for dinner and write “VBS dinner” into the comment section of the payment.


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