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The Heart of Christ


We have been told that we need to be Christ-Like.  Ephesians 5:1 (NKJV) “Therefore be imitators of God as dear children.”   What does being Christ-Like look like?  Being patient, kind, loving, showing self-control.  It is pretty much the fruits of the Spirit. 
What if Jesus said to you, instead of you being like me, suppose I was like you for 24 hours?  What would that look like?  Man, the thought of it made my stomach turn.  It would probably be the opposite of the fruits of the Spirit…angry, impatient, moody etc.  It also depends on how much of the day I spend driving on the Parkway.
But what if Jesus said, I want to be you for 24 hours?  Wake up, go to your job/school/home.  Have the same health issues, same financial status, same relationships (spouse, friends and kids).  Let’s throw it out there, the same Facebook page with one exception, Jesus does your life for 24 hours, but with His heart! 

Would I be a different person at work?  Would people notice something different about me?  Would the conversation at the water cooler be different?  How would I treat the waiter who keeps messing up my order?  What would my mood be waiting at the DMV?  How would I be at home?  Would my spouse see me differently?  Would my kids see me more patient and loving?  How would I react to the person who just cut me off?  What would my Facebook responses be in regards to this upcoming election and the current government officials?  How different would my life be, if I walked around with the heart of Jesus?
Here’s the reality, Jesus is asking us to live life with His heart.  When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are asking Him to take over our heart.  As the engine is the life source of your car, let Jesus be the life source of your heart, so that you can be an imitator of Him!
By the way, Jesus did become you for one day, the day He died on the cross and took the penalty of sin for us! 

God bless.
Dennis Arroyo,

Youth Minister

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