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Breaking the Rules!

daviddancingThe band is playing, the people are dancing in the streets – the king himself is dancing the hardest.  A strange picture, but many of us remember the story of King David bringing the Ark of the Covenant, the earthly representation of the throne of God, to Jerusalem.

I wonder if anyone there noticed that he didn’t bring the entire Tabernacle that was supposed to house the Ark (2 Chron 1:3-6)? Moses had designed it so that the Ark would be housed inside the Most Holy Place behind a curtain.  But here was David putting the Ark in another tent, either in or near his house (2 Chron 8:11), and leaving the Tabernacle (along with the altar for animal sacrifices) in another city, entirely.

Did God notice that David was breaking the law?  I think God was never really looking for physical circumcision and animal sacrifices. He was always looking for people to love and trust Him with all their hearts.  It’s just my opinion, but I think when God saw David’s heart, He wasn’t worried about making him follow all the rules.  The relationship trumps the rules.

I think it was Mike Bickle who said, “Lovers will always be more effective than servants.”  David is still considered one of the greatest kings that ever lived.  He touched God’s heart, more than years of perfect religious duty, through his passionate desire to be close to Him. May we do the same!


Marissa Yi,
Worship Minister

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