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This month the kids have been learning about how God’s plan is to rescue us. It’s right in line with the message of Passover which will be here soon. This holiday reminds us of the mighty way God rescues us. First, He rescued His children from oppression in Egypt. Years later on this same holiday, He gave us the ultimate rescue from sin and death through Jesus’ sacrifice at Calvary. God made several promises concerning this time: “I will bring you out – I will deliver you – I will redeem you – I will take you to me.” The last part points to the time when He will return for us once again.

This is a great time to reflect back on our blessings and all the things from which God has set us free. The biggest, most wonderful thing is that we are free from sin and death through Jesus Christ! What are some other areas where you still need freedom in your life today? Can you imagine what it will feel like when you have the freedom you desire? Go ahead and daydream about how great that feeling will be, and while you’re at it, give God thanks in advance knowing that He is our deliverer.

God is mighty and powerful to do anything He pleases. I’m so glad that what pleases Him is helping us!

May you be blessed and experience the joy of freedom today!

In His Service,
Sabra Rodriguez
Kingdom Kids Ministry

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