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Breakfast Can Wait!

I snuck downstairs while the kids were still sleeping, made myself a cup of tea, and settled to have a quiet moment reading my Bible. I got through a few verses when I started to hear the pitter-patter of footsteps coming down the hall. Oh well, so much for Mommy time.

I thought for a second, and realized their breakfast could wait a few minutes. “Would you like me to read this to you out loud?” The two of them sat down at the table, nodded sleepily, and I started from Mark 1:1; “The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God…” I glanced up and they were still listening.

They were surprised when I read about Jesus being baptized and the heavens ripping open, the Spirit coming down on Him like a dove, and God’s audible voice affirming Him. Then the miracles: a WHOLE TOWN comes to Him, and He heals everyone, casting out all the demons.

The kids were amazed when a leper comes, presumably with his skin hanging off, Jesus TOUCHES Him, and he is instantly healed. By the time I got to the part about the paralytic being lowered through the roof, (not to mention Jesus reading people’s minds) and Jesus telling the paralytic to get up, they were at the edge of their seat. I paused and asked, “What do you think happens next?” They shrugged, their eyes nearly popping out of their heads. For affect, I laid on the kitchen floor as though paralyzed. Then I got up, and started praising Jesus. My four year-old was literally trembling. He looked around, and said, “Jesus is here.”

Yes, Jesus IS here! May we always read the Bible like it’s our first time. May what we read about Jesus lead us TO Jesus Himself. May we never lose our wonder.

Marissa Yi,
Worship Minister

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